Advanced Download Manager Pro Apk v14.0.7 [2022]

Advanced Download Manager Pro Apk v14.0.7 Free Full Download [2022]

Advanced Download Manager Pro apk

Advanced Download Manager Pro Apk releases a special version for all users to use to speed up the process of downloading files from the Internet. With each download of information from external sources, you can monitor and check the download process, and influence it to shorten the time period. Also, the convenience of being able to download up to 3 files simultaneously saves you a lot of time. The system is constantly innovating and releasing useful updated versions, one of which can be mentioned as list version and interface version. So once you choose specific criteria, you can find the file you want to search.

Advanced Download Manager & Torrent gives you a simple download tool on your phone, you can download any file you want. At the same time, it also provides some settings where you can optimize the installation and store data efficiently. Specifically, you can choose where these files are stored, most of which are preset upon successful installation of the application. But sometimes you also need to check carefully. At the same time, in some cases, you can also manage the files you have downloaded according to the list in the application. With just one touch, you can see the apps that have been stored and sorted according to different criteria.

Advanced Download Manager helps users to download any file, simple and fast process to speed up time. On the other hand, the utility of being able to download multiple files or use some other action on the device while downloading also helps the app to get support from a large number of users. With simple management, you can control downloads, file information, or manage download periods. The close link of the app to some specific links that you provide will make the download go smoothly and without any hassles. You will ensure that where you store it is safe, as it contains more and more files over time.

Advanced Download Manager Pro apk Free Full Download:

In the Download apk Advanced Download Manager mod, when you run this program, you will see three general sections, which once you enter this program, you will find the main panels, which consist of different sections. This program has two hidden side menus that are located at the top of the program. In the first method, you can download your files automatically. To do this, click on the link of the file you want to download or whatever you download, and a menu will open for you automatically. Here are two options related to this program that you need to select the ADM editor option for the program to automatically recognize your download link and show the page related to the download file.

Advanced Download Manager mod apk can work with music or video stream on your mobile devices easily. Simply select the content and enable Advanced Download Manager tools to help you get download links quickly. You can then download your chosen files effortlessly. Advanced Download Manager pro can handle full downloads of files larger than 2GB, allowing you to take advantage of its well-known features like pause, resume, data optimization, etc. If you don’t want to download the file at the same time, you can select the Add option and simply add this file to your list of programs.

This is by far one of the best download managers I have used to download and resume downloads. I have problems with many different applications. Downloads have stopped and downloads won’t resume with different apps and apps I’ve tried. But ADM by no means failed. It downloaded a huge file for me unattended in a day and it never failed. ADM is a particularly reliable download screen. You can solve all kinds of problems with it for many downloads and big downloads.

Advanced Download Manager Pro Apk Features:

  • Users use the app to speed up the download of a single file or multiple files at a time. You will adjust the settings to change the commands you want the application to perform.
  • Discover more modern management methods when all the features are arranged in the main interface. With each of your requests, the system must take immediate action.
  • Linking apps to different links can speed up downloads. However, users have to add them manually and enable the permission to complete the steps.
  • Special functions have been developed to provide the best experience for each person. All downloaded files are stored in the app’s memory, and you can check and find them quickly.
  • Potential development in action to create a simple operating model, the information you need for your business and life in one application. We always have room for the downloads you need.

Advanced Download Manager Pro Apk Advance Features:

Advanced Download Manager is known for its highly effective features like Refresh Dead Links, auto resume broken downloads, support for multiple web browsers, scheduler and many other features that will never bother you while downloading your files.

Below I have highlighted some of the features of Advanced Download Manager Pro Mod Apk. If you are a new user of this site and you are confused about downloading the modded version then the below features will make you feel comfortable and help you make a decision.

Pro features unlocked

In this, all the premium features like batch export, smart downloads, scheduler, site manager and many more are unlocked and can be used without spending a penny.

Ad-free interface

If you are using the normal version of this app then you know that it always shows a popup ad at the bottom of the device screen which eventually ruined the user experience and made us feel annoyed.

Disable permission

This download manager required a lot of additional permissions to start working, which could cause our sensitive information data to be scraped.

We have removed all the permissions from Advanced Download Manager Pro APK which finally allows you to enjoy the app without facing any issues.

Great user interface

Advanced Download Manager is also known for its well-organized and accessible user interface, which makes it the first choice for all smartphone users.

The interface never irritates your eyes as it works on lightweight materials design.

Built-in custom browser

There is an ADM browser built into this excellent download manager which provides all the popular options that you will get in other browsers.

This is a standard browser that allows you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously which ultimately increases your productivity.

Powerful Downloader:

  • download up to three files simultaneously from the Internet;
  • Download acceleration using multithreading (9 parts)
  • Download files in the background and resume after failure;
  • interception of links from the browser and clipboard;
  • Increase algorithms to increase download speed;
  • Loader of images, documents, files and programs;
  • download accelerator for social networking services;
  • faster download for 2G, 3G and 4G networks;
  • Download only online on Wi-Fi;
  • Supports resuming interrupted downloads;
  • video download and music download;
  • acceleration of downloading from file sharing;
  • Parallel download files are queued.

Advanced Settings:

  • customization of the interface and themes;
  • Select the folder for the downloaded files;
  • Save different types of files in different folders;
  • automatic actions after complete download;
  • Create an empty file to speed up the download;
  • Automatically stop downloads if the battery level is low;
  • automatic resume after errors and disconnections;
  • import the link list from a text file on the SD card;
  • Backup list of downloads and configurations in the file;
  • planning to start downloading at the right time;
  • Turbo mode to speed up the download;
  • Auto run as scheduled;
  • Support quick auto add download.

clean interface:

  • Material design, left menu with quick options;
  • Download information: speed, size, time;
  • Sort downloads by type, order, size and name;
  • context menu to easily manage downloads;
  • open downloads completed through favorite apps;
  • Support pause, resume and restart downloads;
  • fine tuning for each download;
  • creating profiles for websites;
  • Widget on the home screen.

Extended notifications:

  • icon with progress and speed in the notification panel;
  • transparent progress bar at the top of all windows;
  • Completion notification with sound and vibration.

Fast ADM Browser:

  • Multi-tabs support.
  • history and favorites list;
  • download mp3 from popular files;
  • Intercept MP4 video from tubes;
  • Easy download of all types of files;
  • User agent option for browser spoofing.

Simple download menu control:

  • Click download to start/stop the process;
  • Click on full download to open the file;
  • Long press on the download to bring up the context menu.

Adding a file in Advanced Download Manager:

  • Click on the link and from the window “Complete the action with” select the ADM editor;
  • Press and hold a link to display the context menu, press Share or Send and from the Share Via window select ADM Editor;
  • Copy the link, after the program intercepts it from the clipboard and sends it to the ADM editor, or use the “Add” button and paste the link.

WHAT’S New In Advanced Download Manager Pro Apk ?

  • • Bottom toolbar
  • (It can be disabled in the menu on the left)
  • • End-to-end download list
  • (Swipe from left to right to switch between tabs)
  • • Settings – Interface – Toolbars color
  • (Dark appearance can be made black)
  • Version 12.3:
  • • You can disable the color code in the menus.
  • • You can enable the top bar at the bottom.
  • Added left menu – interface – toggle side menus (can be enabled separately for browser)
  • Added setting – Browser – Open tabs in reverse order in the left menu (if the address bar is enabled at the bottom)
  • Increase application startup speed and reduce RAM consumption.



  • Up to five separate files can be downloaded simultaneously and in parallel in this modified version.
  • This professional version offers vibrating or distinct tones that alert you to the end of downloaded items.
  • You can shred files to make them smaller and faster to download.
  • In the notification bar, you can view the file type and download progress icon.
  • The mod version has additional features for saving downloads and memory settings.
  • You can save files in different formats in different folders automatically.
  • Firefox, Explorer and Google Chrome are compatible with this professional version.


  • The official version is not free for people.
  • In the official version, you need to purchase the subscription package to unlock all the premium features.
  • The premium subscription cost is very high.
  • In this official version, you can download limited files.
  • You cannot customize your notifications in this official version.

How To Download Install And Activate Advanced Download Manager Pro Apk?

  • Before downloading Advanced Download Manager Mod Apk for Android, check if your device is compatible with this version by going to Settings > About phone.
  • The first step you want to do is to click on the link below to download the latest version of ADM. After the download is complete, make sure you enable Unknown sources from your phone settings to install the app.
  • Step 1. Download the latest version of Advanced Download Manager Mod Apk from here.
  • Step 2. Once the ADM is downloaded, go to your phone’s Settings > Security (or Privacy) and then select the Unknown sources option (to enable the installation of third-party apps), then press OK.
  • Step 3. Now open the file manager on your phone and go to the directory where you saved Advanced Download Manager Apk Mod to install it. After pressing the APK, follow the instructions on your screen and wait for a few moments for ADM to finish installing on your device.
  • Step 4. Once installed, head over to the app’s main menu or simply launch the app from the app drawer.
  • Step 5. If this is your first time using ADM, go to the settings menu and follow the instructions until everything works.

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If you still have any questions regarding this version’s compatibility, features, or if you need help with anything else related to Advanced Download Manager Mod Apk, please mention your issue in the comments section below so we can get back to you with the answer. As soon as possible. If you found this post helpful, feel free to share it with everyone you know on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Thank you for your time and don’t forget to bookmark this page to stay updated with the latest app releases and other important news from the world of technology.

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